Many essential oils can help support the immune system and fortify our body's natural defenses against harmful organisms in our environment. Here are just a few of our go-to essential oils for immune support. They can be used independently or together as part of a power-packed immunity blend.

+ Thieves*

+ Frankincense*

+ Oregano

+ Lemon*

*Included in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

Immunity Roll On Recipe:

+ 10 drops Frankincense*
+ 10 drops Thieves*
+ 10 drops Lemon*
+ 5 drops Peppermint*
+ 3 drops Oregano 

Put into 10-15 ml roll on bottle and fill the rest with carrier oil. 

Apply once a day to bottom of feet and down the spine for preventative care. Apply every hour if needed.