There are a variety of essential oils to support the respiratory system (lungs, sinuses, etc.). Here are a few of our favorite oils for respiratory support. These oils can be used independently or together as part of a power-packed respiratory blend.

+ Raven*

+ RC
+ Peppermint*
+ Eucalyptus

+ Thieves*

*Included in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

Respiratory Roll On Recipe:

+ 10 drops Eucalyptus
+ 5 drops Peppermint
+ 5 drops Myrtle
+ 5 drops RC
+ 3 drops Lemon*
+ 3 drops Cypress

Put into 10-15 ml roll on bottle and fill the rest with carrier oil.

Apply to chest and bottom of feet as needed. For extra support, apply a warm wash cloth over chest after application. Let warm wash cloth sit for 5 minutes. Use warm wash cloth with caution on children with sensitive skin.