Young Living is the pioneer of the modern essential oil movement. We have been setting the global standard for essential oil quality and purity for nearly 25 years. We carry the largest variety of essential oils and plant-based, toxin-free lifestyle products on the market today, including essential oil-infused supplements, personal care products, makeup, baby products, household cleaners and more. 

So what are essential oils, and why are quality and purity so important?

An essential oil is a volatile substance derived from plants that contains the natural smell and characteristics of the plant. If an oil is impure or does not contain optimal levels of important plant compounds, it has little to no therapeutic benefit. Some oils are more valuable than others, so it is important to understand the different grades of essential oils on the market today.
Therapeutic Grade
This is Young Living's standard. These oils are extracted from sustainably raised plants and contain optimal levels of natural plant compounds. They are steam distilled (only derived from first distillation) from organic plants and contain no pesticides or contaminants. It is estimated that therapeutic grade essential oils only account for about 5 percent of oils on the market. It is important to note that there is no formally approved grading standard used consistently throughout the essential oil industry. So many essential oils on the market are improperly labeled as "pure" or "therapeutic."
Natural or Food Grade
These oils may pass growing standards, but they may or may not contain optimal levels of important plant compounds found in Young Living's essential oils. These oils may also contain chemicals or pesticides.
Perfume Grade
These oils are considered fragrance grade because they are used for their aroma only and offer minimal or undetectable levels of important plant compounds. These oils contain chemicals and solvents, which may cause cancer and other health complications. The majority of essential oils on the market fall under this category.
Synthetic or Nature-Identical
These oils are simply created in a laboratory and contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to your health. They are often found in hair and skin products, perfumes and air fresheners.
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